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What Special Arrangements Should Be Made in a Charleston Divorce Involving a Child With Special Needs?

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Child with Disability | Divorce Lawyer | Charleston, SCOne of the first thoughts that runs through your mind during your divorce is how the divorce will affect your children. You want to know if they will be upset, if your relationship with them will stay the same, and if you will still be able to see them when you want.

If you are a parent of a special needs child, these concerns are magnified. Divorce issues, like child custody and child support, become more complex when the child involved has special needs. [Read more…]

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Protecting Your Children in a Charleston Divorce

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Too often in a divorce, the gloves come off – and the split gets ugly!Charleston, SC Divorce Attorney Ken Peck

If the children get caught in the divorce “cross-fire,” they can suffer severe emotional damages.

By putting the needs of your children first and working with a skilled child counselor and an experienced Charleston divorce lawyer, you can minimize many of the negative effects of divorce on your children.

Angry parents frequently engage in a behavior that is called “parental alienation.” As explained in a recent article in Psychology Today, parental alienation can have very damaging long-term impact on a child.

In my practice as a child custody lawyer in Charleston, I have seen many examples of parental alienation, including:

[Read more…]

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For South Carolina Parents, Few Options for Collecting Overdue Child Support

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Parent and child waiting - The Peck Law Firm

A staggering sixteen years after the federal guideline, the state of South Carolina still does not have an online system for tracking missed child support payments.

This is, in my opinion, an absolute disgrace on the part of the state and its contractors.  [Read more…]

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