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You thought your marriage would last forever. However, your spouse has told you that he or she wants out. Your spouse wants a divorce or legal separation.

This certainly isn’t an easy time for you or your children in North Charleston. It is natural to wonder what will happen regarding child custody, child support, alimony, division of marital property, and the cost of a divorce

You are probably struggling with these and many other difficult divorce and family law questions. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Having an experienced Charleston, SC divorce attorney on your side can make a big difference.

From reading my South Carolina Divorce Guide, you’ll learn general information regarding family law and the North Charleston divorce process. Likewise, if you are primarily concerned with alimony, you will want to click the button below for my Alimony Guide. If you want to know more about child custody or child support, you can learn more by clicking the buttons for my Child Custody Guide or Child Support Guide.

You can use these articles to help you gain a better understanding of South Carolina divorce law. However, you should not stop there.

No website can answer all of your North Charleston family law questions. Before you take any action, you should speak directly with an experienced Charleston divorce attorney regarding your specific circumstances.

I will be glad to answer your North Charleston divorce and legal separation questions.Working together, we will protect your rights and build a better future for you and your children in North Charleston.

Don’t delay. Call me now at (843) 800-2928. As an experienced Charleston divorce and child custody lawyer, I will be glad to listen to your questions and answer them.

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