2017 Scholarship Essay Contest Winner Announcement


We Have Chosen A Winner For Our 2017 Scholarship!

This was our 2nd year of sponsoring The Peck Law Firm scholarship contest to help assist a student in raising additional funds to pay for their college education, which has continued to rise in recent years.

This year, we asked applicants to write an essay answering the question: “What effects will the 2016 presidential election have on American families?” We wanted to see the different views young adults have about the recent election.

We had over 200 applications this year from all around the country. These essays were read and judged without any reference to where the applicant lives or plans on attending school, or any other information like race, age, or gender. After spending countless hours and reading all the essays, one essay really stood out among the others we received.

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Peck Law Firm Scholarship is Anthony Perez!

Anthony recently graduated from Georgia Tech University in 2016 with a 3.4 GPA and a degree in finance. Anthony plans on pursuing a law degree from Mercer Law School in the fall of 2016.

Anthony came to Georgia Tech University on a baseball scholarship and not only excelled on the field, but also excelled in the classroom. During his time at Georgia Tech, Anthony made the Dean’s or President’s list each semester and was also an academic peer for his teammates on the baseball team.

We thank all of the 2017 applicants for their outstanding essays and look forward to providing more financial assistance with our 2018 scholarship contest!

Again, we congratulate Anthony Perez and wish him nothing but the best as he pursues his law degree from Mercer Law School! We have posted his winning essay at the bottom of this post.

We wish we had enough funds to award scholarships to all who applied. We want to thank all our applicants for their outstanding submissions and we can’t wait to see what happens for our 2018 scholarship contest.

Read Anthony’s essay below.

“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.” And oh boy does Donald Trump think HUUGGEE! This past election season was one for the history books. Not only was it the election of our 45th president, he was the first person elected that turned the election into a circus. Though many considered the election a joke, what is a democracy if you can’t vote for whomever you want? Now that President Trump is in charge of ruling the free world, what does that mean for American families? With so many variables and so many topics to discuss, this realm is nearly impossible to answer. Being a Hispanic conservative who voted for Trump, my perspective is taboo to some.

I would say my background is unique but my family’s issue, as well as my own, are the same as some American families. This election brought out the best and worst in people, but for my family, in particular, this election brought out the best. Growing up in a lower middle-class family, working to make ends meet, has and was always the main issue within my family. My father of Puerto Rican descent is a retired police officer and my mother, a southern belle from Louisiana who works as a lab tech, are two examples of what makes America so great, the working class! My parents are in pursuit of the American dream, which President Trump promises to bring back to our country in full force. Almost every morning as my father was paying for his coffee at the nearby Quiktrip, on his way to work, he would repeat the same corny line, as the cashier asked how his morning was going “I’m healthy, I’m employed, and I’m broke, but my people and I came to this country of capitalism to chase the American dream!” It would always give everyone as well as myself in line a little chuckle as he used his extremely apparent fake, broken English accent, even though he was fluent in both languages and had no issue speaking clear English.

This election has brought hope back to the working class American family. Trump’s win wasn’t some overly elaborate underdog win or some conspiracy theory. This country has blossomed from the idea that anyone can be anything through hard work and dedication in the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream used to be an attainable goal. How is Trump bringing back the American dream? Reforms in tax plans, medical services, and government spending are key issues for middle-class families. Since all these reforms are fairly new it is hard to say which will work best or which will work at all, but the concept of the reforms are geared to help those who were overlooked during the past eight years.

Trump’s tax reform stirs away from a progressive tax plan and causes growth and prosperity at each class level. Moving to a flat tax will create incentives for family’s and individuals to progress instead of thinking about how much more the government will take away as they make more money. For instance, my cousin had to make a difficult decision to accept a raise and better herself or stick with her current job so she that she wouldn’t be taxed as much. This should never be a question for someone who wants to move up in the world.

When the Affordable Care Act was passed, our family’s deductibles skyrocketed. Our insurance went from covering almost everything to making us pick and choose what we can and cannot have covered. On top of all of this, insurance companies were dropping like flies – leaving individuals in limbo. Presidents Trump’s idea to build competition between insurance providers would, of course, drive down price through competition but it would benefit the client the most by allowing people to pick the services they want or if they even want service at all.

Where do all of our tax dollars go? What is it used on? What the government spends our tax dollars on is always something we should have a say in. President Trump promises to rebuild our infrastructure. Preserving our government buildings and lands, such as our schools and parks, and help to finally build up our military. Not everyone agrees with these plans for investing in “America First,” as President Trump loves to say, but building up our military is one thing that is for certain going to help protect American families. Building back up our infrastructures will enhance our lives and keep us safe. The last thing our cities or other parts of our country need is another I-85 highway collapse, which drastically affected the city of Atlanta and the surrounding counties.

This election has brought much more back to the American families than policies and reforms. It has brought back the idea that anyone and everyone can attain the American dream. This election has brought back true hope and motivation to the working class. It is much deeper than policy. It is a lifestyle change. The election is a true testament to the citizens of this great nation and their hope for what is to come in the future. Without these deeply rooted ideas of what America really symbolizes, my Grandparents would have never moved to a two bedroom government housing apartment in the lower income areas of New York to chase an imaginary dream. There is truth behind America’s promises. We just need to get back to believing in it.