Wounded Warrior Project

Air Force C-17

As the son of a retired Air Force officer, I salute each day the dedicated men and women of our Armed Services for their committed service to our Nation. Without their commitment and willingness to pay the ultimate price, we would not enjoy our freedom and all of the benefits that flow from living in the land of the free. Each of them is always vigilant and committed to defending America.

Unfortunately, many of our heroes suffer serious injuries in defending us around the world. Some sustain life-altering physical injuries. Others are afflicted with traumatic brain injuries and loss of one or more of their senses. More than we will ever know have less visible wounds, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression that affects them mentally and emotionally.

Each of these wounded warriors reflects the enormous sacrifice that each of them has made and the debt that we can never repay. The transition back to civilian life is difficult for many. When a wounded service member is trying to recover, he or she is up against a lot. The readjustment is hard enough for them as individuals. Often, these struggles place major stress on families.

As a Charleston, SC family law attorney, I have seen families broken apart by the secondary effects that often come from military service. Fortunately, several organizations devote themselves to serving our nation’s brave men and women in uniform. The Wounded Warrior Project is one such organization.

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project supports recovering service members by helping them to reclaim mind and body well-being, healthy social engagement, and economic empowerment. To all of the inspirational men and women at Wounded Warrior Project, I say, “Thank you.” I am inspired by their commitment to help those who carry physical and mental scars from their unselfish military service on behalf of you and me.

I hope you will join me in making a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. By clicking this secure link, you can make your financial donation to that fine organization. And, when you see a man or woman in uniform at a local store, church, or other location in the Lowcountry, please thank that person directly for service to our Country. They are our heroes.

Photo Credit: Aleksander Markin via Compfight cc