How Much Your Divorce Will Cost and What You Will Get in Return

Charleston, SC Divorce Lawyer Ken Peck Helping With The Cost Of DivorceMy goal is to resolve your case as cost effectively as possible. The hourly fees for my professional services fall within the mid-range for divorce attorneys in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston area. There are times in life where you do not want to hire the least expensive option–including Lasik surgery and your divorce attorney.

I understand that every person going through a divorce is concerned about how much the divorce will cost. I believe you should be given the opportunity to control the costs of your divorce, which is why we will discuss cost options before work is started at any stage of the case. I will do whatever I can to minimize your costs, maximizing efficiency while giving you the highest quality of services. My payment options are flexible, and I accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Because you and your case are unique and different from other cases, we will sit down and talk about your options. Even though I limit the amount of cases that I take at any given time, I am always open to talk with you about your specific needs. Please give me a call or schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.