Can My Marriage Be Saved From an Emotional Affair?

Emotional affairs hurt.

Emotional affairs are hard to understand because, unlike other types of affairs, they do not involve a sexual relationship. Instead, the people involved connect on an emotional level. They are still, however, very intimate. This can make them more challenging for people to overcome.

There are many reasons people have emotional affairs.

Your spouse may have felt unappreciated or inadequate. They may have felt deprived sexually, Sometimes, people have an emotional affair just because they are bored. They feel more like roommates than husband and wife. People sometimes have emotional affairs because they feel their partner is unavailable. Other times, it is because they are too demanding.

Rarely do people have emotional affairs just to hurt their spouse. They typically feel guilty about it even if these affairs do not involve sex.

Knowing this does not make it any easier. But, regardless of the cause, many marriages can be saved afterward.

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What to Do After an Emotional Affair

Feeling sexually deprived is a major cause for emotional affairs. Affairs help with this, even when they do not involve sex. These affairs involve flirting and playful interactions. Spouses are given more attention than they normally receive. That is often enough to fill a sexual void.

The sexual relationship is something spouses have to work on regularly. This does not mean giving in just to make one person happy. It does mean talking to one another. It does mean trying to understand each other. It also means knowing the difference between intimacy and sexuality. Couples should always try to give each other both.

It is natural to feel like roommates sometimes. During the day-to-day, things may not seem that romantic. For this reason, it is still important to date. Take a walk together. Go out to lunch without the kids. Regular dates can put the spark back in a relationship.

Couples should not be dependent on each other. However, they must remain available to each other. People can feel when their spouse is drifting away from them. Talk to them. Ask if anything is wrong. Ask if they feel they are missing anything from the relationship. If you can identify it, you can work on it.

Get Help Now

Some couples can move on after an emotional affair. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. At The Peck Law Firm, our South Carolina family lawyers can help you review your options. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more.

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