Getting Divorced in the Lowcountry

You may be going through the toughest time in your life.

You had thought that your marriage would be forever. Now, you know it will not.

Your world is filled with emotions and more questions than answers. Many of those questions may focus on your divorce. You are trying to protect your children and property in your Charleston divorce.

South Carolina divorce law is complex. You will need a divorce lawyer in Charleston, SC to help you through the process.

The Charleston Divorce Guide

A good starting point is the Charleston Divorce Guide. You will find answers there to many of your questions about the differences between fault-based divorce and no fault divorce, the potential importance of adultery in a Charleston divorce, and how the family law court works.

Custody CalendarIf you have a child, your greatest concern may be child custody. From the articles in the Charleston Child Custody Guide, you will learn what factors a court considers in deciding legal child custody and establishing child visitation. You will want to establish a time sharing calendar that is in the best interests of your child.

Child support will also be important in your Charleston divorce if you have a child involved. You should hire a Charleston child support attorney who will help you provide for your children in a way that is fair to everyone.

If you are seeking to receive alimony or may be paying alimony, you need a qualified Charleston family law attorney. Your lawyer should be able to understand your unique household situation and apply South Carolina alimony law to benefit you the most. If you have a high income and your spouse is underemployed, your Charleston divorce lawyer may recommend that you employ an expert to prepare a report on your spouse’s vocational capacity. Alternatively, if you have enjoyed a high standard of living during your marriage, your Charleston divorce attorney may hire an expert to render an opinion on how much alimony will be required for you to continue that lifestyle.

South Carolina divorce law is complex.

Home Sale In Charleston, SC Following A DivorceProtecting your assets and avoiding marital debt may be your primary concern. To the extent to which you may have acquired high value assets during your marriage, your high net worth situation will raise many complex divorce and valuation issues. You will need the assistance of a Charleston lawyer who understands the special problems that can arise in a high net worth divorce. At a minimum, you need to develop a sophisticated plan for valuing your marital assets and liabilities.

If you have been divorced for a while, you and your former spouse have probably experienced significant change in circumstances. Some of those changes may make it appropriate to ask your Charleston divorce judge to increase or decrease alimony or child support payments. If you need a modification of alimony or child support, you should contact a Charleston divorce lawyer to determine if you qualify to modify – up or down – the amount of alimony or child support.


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