How Can You Pay for Your Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is usually a lot less expensive than litigation for your divorce, but you will still need to consider your options for paying the costs of your divorce mediation.

Payment Through an Installment Plan

Divorce mediation is becoming more common, and it is often an effective way for spouses to play a key role in their divorce and the settlement or agreement reached. With divorce mediation, spouses will engage in dialogue in order to resolve any disputes about their divorce, from financial issues to matters like child custody. South Carolina law allows spouses to resolve their divorce disputes through mediation without going to court.

One way you might be able to pay is through an installment plan. You can talk with your lawyer about this possible option. It may be possible to pay over a series of months, or in a specific number of installments over a set period of time.

Consider Splitting the Costs with Your Ex

You may be able to split the costs of divorce mediation with your ex. If you are able to communicate with your ex before the mediation, you can discuss sharing the costs. For some spouses, it might make sense for one spouse to pay a little bit more. Generally, when spouses want to try divorce mediation, both of them want to try to reach an agreement about their divorce issues. In those cases, it is often possible to reach an agreement about sharing the costs of mediation, too.

Arrange for Your Ex to Pay Mediation Costs Through Your Agreement

When your spouse was the primary earner in the family, you might be able to arrange for your ex to pay mediation costs through any settlement or dispute agreement you reach. The purpose of mediation is to resolve existing disputes in your divorce, and many of those are financial in nature. For example, spouses might choose divorce mediation to work out a property division agreement, or alimony. You might be able to negotiate the costs of the mediation, too. A Charleston divorce lawyer can say more.

Seek Assistance from Your Family

Your family might be willing to help you cover the costs of divorce mediation.

Pay with Your Credit Card

It can be tough to think about adding to your credit card balance when you are going through a divorce and trying to budget. However, it may be necessary to put some critical expenses on your credit card. Divorce mediation may be one of those expenses. You should find out if your credit card company has any offers, such as interest-free payments for a particular period of time.

Use PayPal Credit

PayPal credit has become commonly used for a wide range of purchases and transactions at various locations. While you will need to ensure that PayPal credit is an option, you might be able to use this line of credit to pay over a period of time without interest. For most PayPal credit purchases over a particular amount, you can have a number of months to pay off the amount without accruing interest.

Contact a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Charleston for Assistance

Divorce mediation can benefit many spouses getting divorced in South Carolina. There are usually multiple options available to pay for mediation. The Charleston divorce mediation lawyers at The Peck Law Firm can give you more information. Contact us online or call us at (843) 631-7117 for more information.