Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You Virtually

The internet has enabled people across the globe to connect with each other in ways that were never possible before online communications. Particularly with respect to social media, it is to be expected that some relationships can develop into intimacy. When one of the parties involved is already married to someone else, there can be questions about the legal implications of cheating. For one, adultery is grounds for divorce in South Carolina, enabling the loyal spouse to end the marriage in as little as 90 days. Additional consequences are that a cheating spouse cannot obtain alimony and may receive less in property division due to marital misconduct.

However, when cheating involves online activities, it can be difficult to pinpoint. You will need to employ different tactics, and a Charleston divorce attorney will assist with developing a legal strategy. Check out a few signs your partner is cheating on you virtually, so you can leverage this information to your advantage

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

There are some signs that are cause for concern based upon a hunch, as you likely get a gut feeling about your spouse’s infidelity without actual physical evidence. However, there are some tangible, measurable ways that you can confirm your suspicions about virtual relationships.

  • Your spouse creates a separate social media profile, which you may know because the platform sends a message about a “new” friend or connection.
  • Your spouse is no longer sending or receiving mail at the email address you share.
  • New email, social media, and online accounts are created in the names of your children.
  • Your spouse purchases a new phone and/or phone line with a different number, and the reasons are not employment related.
  • You notice unfamiliar, unexplained, or unauthorized charges to your credit card.

What to do if You Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating

If you discover infidelity, it is best to take a deep breath and assess your situation before running off to divorce court. Initially, you should note that a virtual relationship with another person may not constitute adultery for lack of physical contact. However, when faced with your spouse’s infidelity, some tips can help you cope:

  • Make a list of pros and cons, which will guide you in contemplating divorce.
  • Reach out to a trusted friend and describe the circumstances. A confidant will be honest and tell you whether your concerns are valid.
  • Take notes about the anomalies you discover from your spouse’s online activities.
  • Start a journal to track your emotions, experiences, and thoughts about your marriage.
  • Consider addressing infidelity through a conversation with your spouse, in a safe, secure area.

Discuss Legal Options with a Charleston Divorce Lawyer

If you spot any of these signs your partner is cheating on you virtually, you might be considering divorce. The Peck Law Firm can advise you on South Carolina laws and provide insight on what to expect through the process, so please contact us today. You can call (843) 631-7117 or go online to set up a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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