6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Get a Divorce

Embarrassment should never be part of divorce. For some, these feelings may prevent them from pursuing a divorce, even when it may be in their best interests. If you worried about embarrassment, don’t hesitate to speak with a dedicated attorney to learn more about what to expect.

Much of the Population is Divorced

You may feel very alone during the divorce process. The good news is that you are not. The divorce rate in the United States is between 40 percent and 50 percent, so you are in very good company. Truthfully, if marriage was easy, the divorce rate would be much lower than that. Do not beat yourself up over the fact that your marriage ended. It happens, and it happens quite often.

Not All Married Couples are Happy

Just because a couple is married does not mean they are happy. People choose to stay in unhappy marriages for many reasons. They may fear losing child custody and time with their kids. They may not think they can support themselves financially. They may not want to be the first one in their family to get a divorce. These are just a few reasons why people sometimes choose to remain unhappy rather than get a divorce. So, rather than feel embarrassed, feel proud for being brave enough to make the decision to end your marriage.

Divorce Requires Strength

It takes an immense amount of strength to get a divorce. You will have to grieve the loss of your marriage, and you will experience a vast array of emotions. The divorce may also place a physical, emotional, and financial strain on your life. All of this takes fortitude and courage. The fact that you possess those very qualities is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

A Better Example for Your Children

Children are always watching their parents, and learning from them. Children are also very adept at picking up on the fact that their parents are unhappy. As they watch you in an unhappy marriage, they are learning that it is okay to forfeit your own happiness for another person. After you get a divorce, your children will learn that it is okay to take the necessary steps to protect one’s happiness. They will take that valuable lesson with them throughout their entire life. That is certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about.

You Can Be Yourself

One of the biggest sources of shame in divorce comes from the fact that you are no longer one part of a bigger unit. However, this is something that should be celebrated after divorce. If you have sacrificed things you love to do, or a part of who you are during your marriage, you get to reclaim those things now. The only reason you can do it is because you got a divorce. So, there really is no reason to be embarrassed about it.

People View Divorce Differently Today

Divorce is no longer something that is considered shameful or sinful by the general public. People are more aware today that staying in a bad marriage is even more damaging than getting a divorce. No one is going to speak badly about you just because you got a divorce, or view you any differently. The only thing they may notice is that you are much happier, and that is not embarrassing at all.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Charleston Can Advise on Your Case

If you are thinking about divorce, do not go through it alone. At The Peck Law Firm, our Charleston divorce lawyer will ensure your rights are protected so you obtain a settlement that is full and fair to you. Call us today at (843) 631-7117 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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