Alimony and Divorce in Charleston

The Peck Law Firm In Charleston, SC Getting You Money For Alimony

You have worked hard to build the life you now lead in Charleston. Perhaps, you and your spouse saved all of your earnings and bought a beautiful antebellum mansion on Legare or Church Streets. You may have a high income, high value assets, and a high net worth. Now, you are facing the prospect of losing everything that you hold dear in a complex Charleston divorce.

You need the help of an experienced Charleston divorce and alimony attorney to be assured that you will walk away with the financial stability that you deserve.

If you are to keep the house but you don’t receive any alimony from your ex-spouse, how will you pay your bills from a single income when you are used to having two incomes?

If your Charleston divorce judge orders you to pay a large amount of alimony and you are already facing serious financial struggles, how will you keep your head above water?

And how do the Charleston divorce court judges determine the amount of alimony to be paid?

You likely have these alimony questions, and many more, running through your head right now.

In my Charleston Alimony Guide, I answer the most frequently asked questions regarding alimony in a Charleston divorce. I encourage you to take a look at it.

As an experienced Charleston divorce and alimony lawyer, I can help you.

I have gone through divorce myself, so I know firsthand the financial stresses you are feeling. With my in-depth understanding of South Carolina alimony law, I will listen to your financial concerns and help you achieve the financial security that you deserve.

Please call me now or use the contact form to ask any Charleston divorce or alimony question that you may have. I will be quick to respond.

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