How Can I Pay For My Charleston Divorce?


You may feel trapped.

You’re facing a divorce. Divorce attorneys can be expensive. And, you don’t know how you’re going to pay for yours.

You are probably short on cash. Your spouse may have cut off your funds when you separated. In addition, you probably have unplanned living expenses from maintaining two households, and your divorce lawyer wants you to pay a retainer.

Historically, people in your stress-filled financial situation had only two choices:

  1. They could try to represent themselves in divorce court; or
  2. They could surrender to their spouse’s unreasonable demands.

The outcome from either choice typically ranged from bad to awful.

A Divorce Loan Could Pay For Your Divorce Lawyer

You are probably asking, “What can I do to pay for my divorce attorney?”

The answer is: Get a divorce loan.

Divorce lenders specialize in providing loans to people going through a divorce. Just as some banks focus on car loans or mortgages, divorce lenders concentrate their business on loaning money to help people pay for their divorce.

Many companies loan money to people – like you, who are embroiled in a divorce. These divorce loans can be used to pay for your divorce lawyer and, possibly, your living expenses while your divorce case is active.

If your current financial burdens or a temporary lack of funds is keeping you from hiring the Charleston divorce lawyer that you need, you may need help from a lender. A divorce loan could provide you with money to pay for an experienced attorney to represent you in your divorce, alimony and child custody fight, and divorce settlement negotiations.

We Have A List Of Divorce Lenders

Most banks and credit unions do not provide divorce loans. Instead, you will have to work with a lender that specializes in divorce loans.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of businesses that provide loans to pay attorneys in divorce and child custody cases. Each of these companies has independent lending standards and different loan repayment terms. You should check with them for their specific terms and conditions.

We encourage you to weigh carefully whether a divorce loan is the right solution for you. Likewise, we urge you to investigate and research the companies on our list and elsewhere to find the best divorce lender for you. We do not recommend or endorse any divorce lending company, and we do not require you to obtain a divorce loan as a condition of our representation of you.

If you would like a copy of our list of divorce lenders, please call me now at 843-800-2928. I would be glad to assist you.

Important Things To Know About Divorce Lenders

Our firm receives no compensation of any kind for any purpose from any of the lenders on our list. Likewise, we have no business relationship of any kind with any company on the list. We have an arms-length relationship with all companies on the list.

In practical terms, this means:

    • Independent Representation: Your lender will have no oversight role over our representation of you. We will act totally independent of your lender in our representation of you. We will not communicate any information regarding your or your case to any actual or potential lender without your prior approval and authorization
    • Independent Responsibility: You lender will have no recourse to our firm and its attorneys for any of the funds received from any loan that you may receive. You alone will be solely responsible for repayment of such loan. We will not be a party to any loan that you may obtain.
    • No Limitation On Choice of Attorney: If you choose a lender from this list or from another source, we will not be funded in a manner that compels you to work only with our firm or in a manner which limits your choice of attorney.
    • Free Use of Funds: Any loan, which you may obtain, will be made to you, as the borrower, and without restriction from us regarding the use of the funds that you borrow. You will be free of any limitation from us regarding how you may choose to use the borrowed funds.
    • No Compensation Paid To Our Firm For Referring You: Our firm and the attorneys within the firm will receive no compensation from any loan for which you may apply or receive. We will only be compensated from the collection from you of our legal fees and costs for representing you.
    • We Have No Direct Relationship With Lenders: Our firm and the attorneys within it have no formal or informal relationship with any of the lenders that are listed here. We have no relationship of any nature with these lenders.
    • We Are Not A Broker: The Peck Law Firm is not a loan broker or lender in any form. The Peck Law Firm does not receive any compensation from any lender or from you, except to the extent to which you may use borrowed funds to pay us for attorney’s fees and/or costs that we charge you.
    • Due Diligence is Yours: By providing you with a list of potential lenders, we are not representing in any way that all or any of them will provide you with treatment consistent with fair market pricing. We encourage you to independently research these and other lenders to determine what may be fair market pricing for you in light of your particular credit profile and debt to income ratio. You shall alone decide whether to apply for a loan and to accept any loan offer that a lender may choose to extend to you.