Christian Divorces in Charleston

Christian Divorce In Charleston, SC

You are beginning what may be the most difficult time in your life.

You are a Christian.

And, you are facing a decision on whether to file for divorce.

Making that decision has been very difficult. You are emotionally and spiritually drained.

You may be wondering: “As a Christian, where can I turn for help with my Charleston divorce?”

Or, you may be asking: “Are there any Charleston, SC family law attorneys who understand what is involved with a divorce as a Christian?”

If you are asking those or similar questions, let me give you cause for hope. As a practicing Christian and Charleston divorce attorney, I understand first-hand your struggles with faith, family, and legal issues.

As your Christian family law attorney, I will listen without judging you. I will help you heal your broken heart as you pass through this painful time.

I am not a divorce lawyer who “wears” his Christian religion or who tries to force his beliefs on his clients. Instead, I simply seek to serve hurting people in their time of special need.

God’s Grace and Acceptance Are Bigger Than Your Divorce.

I had an internal struggle with my faith when I went through my divorce. I had many questions running through my head. I had many doubts. I wondered what my divorce meant for me as a Christian. However, through prayer and faith, my children and I emerged from my divorce to live a better life. I want to help you do the same thing.

If you are experiencing turmoil with your faith, know that God loves you. His grace and acceptance are bigger than your divorce. As Jesus said, He is with you always.

You may still be trying to save your marriage. Certainly, you should do everything you can to save your marriage. For help in deciding whether to file for a divorce, I recommend that you read “When Is the Right Time to File for a Charleston Divorce or Legal Separation?”  You may also want to read “9 Questions to Ask Before Getting A Charleston Divorce.

You and your kids need to be healthy, safe, and growing in relationship with God. If a divorce can remove the darkness from your life and theirs, now is the time to act. Continuing in a dead or conflict-filled marriage could have long-term, negative effects for their spiritual lives, as well as yours.

If you have reached the point where you cannot save your marriage, you need to protect your children and start building a solid financial foundation for your life after divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions in a Charleston Christian Divorce

You need a Charleston divorce lawyer who understands South Carolina’s laws concerning divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of marital property. Below you will find answers to some of your questions. For answers to more specific questions, please call me now at 843-631-7117 for a free initial consultation.

  1. What is the difference between a Charleston divorce and a legal separation? As a Christian, you may want to pursue a legal separation instead of a divorce. Here is what you can expect from a Charleston legal separation. 

If you have children, you can decide all child custody and child support issues as part of your legal separation. In the same proceeding, you can reach a final division of marital property through negotiating a settlement or a trial. You can also resolve in your legal separation case all other issues, including alimony and whether your spouse will have to pay some or all of your attorney’s fees. At the end of your Charleston legal separation case, you should have resolved all of your marital issues but you will still remain married legally.

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  1. Will I lose my children in my Charleston divorce? If you are a father, you may be particularly concerned that you will lose time and influence with your children if you file for a Charleston divorce. I shared your fears when I was facing my divorce.

I will work with you – as I did successfully in my divorce – to develop a child custody plan that will maximize your role in the lives of your children. We will develop a child visitation schedule that matches your schedule with theirs.

  1. Who will make decisions on religion for my children? You may also be concerned about who will make decisions for your children on religion. Since this is such a major decision, you will ideally want to have sole decision making for church matters for your children. At a minimum, you will want to have joint decision making authority for religious instruction for your children.

St. Michael's Church - Charleston, SC | Divorce Attorney | The Peck Law FirmParents often ask: “Will a Charleston, SC divorce judge consider religion in deciding child custody?” The answer is “yes.” For a longer answer to this question, you should read “Divorce, Child Custody, and Religion in Charleston, SC.

  1. How can conflict be reduced in my Charleston divorce? You may also be concerned that the Charleston divorce process will cause unnecessary conflict and emotional wounds. Please know that it does not have to be that way. As a Christian divorce lawyer, I will help you complete your divorce with less conflict and more cooperation with your spouse.

Through actively engaging in divorce settlement discussions from the outset, you and your spouse may be able to resolve most – if not all – of the issues in your case without having a trial. If you cannot settle all issues through divorce mediation, you may resolve several of them and, thereby, reduce the emotional and financial costs of your Charleston divorce. For example, you may be able to reach agreement on a parenting plan that will resolve all child custody and child support issues, even if you cannot agree on division of marital property or alimony.

Help For You

You need more than a person who just knows legal answers to Charleston divorce issues. You need a Charleston Christian divorce lawyer who shares your faith and understands how your divorce may impact your beliefs and values. You need a Christian family law attorney you can trust.

Please call me now for a free initial consultation. I will be glad to answer your questions about the Charleston divorce process. We can discuss the legal requirements for a fault-based divorce (including adultery, drug abuse, and domestic violence), as well as what happens with a Charleston no-fault divorce or a legal separation.

Alternatively, please use the contact form to ask your questions regarding Charleston divorce, legal separation, child custody, marital property division, alimony, or child support. I will be quick to respond.

Working together, we will build a better future for you and your children.

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