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We’re Ready To Help You

The Coronavirus is hurting everything, particularly marriages.

That’s why our office is still open and we’re helping people. We are meeting with clients and prospective clients in person, on the phone, and online.

To minimize the spread of the virus, our Governor has closed our divorce courts for hearings and trials. However, our divorce courts remain open for filing of:

  1. a divorce
  2. modification of your child custody plan
  3. enforcement of your court order, or
  4. an emergency matter.

For several years, we have been utilizing technology to represent clients as far away as Tokyo, Kuwait, and Siberia. If you would prefer to maintain your social distance, we can do the same thing for you.

We can use our cutting-edge technology to:

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Speak with you by means of a video conference or phone conference.
  • Collect electronically any information that we may need for your case.
  • File your case with the courthouse.

South Carolina’s laws impose certain waiting periods before various events can happen in a divorce. For example, you cannot get a divorce in less than 90 days from the date when your case is filed. If you hire us now, we can file your papers with the court immediately. Then, your mandatory 90-day waiting period will be running while the court is otherwise closed. This means that you will complete your divorce much quicker than if you wait for the courts to reopen.

You can get started without leaving your home. Just pick up your phone and call 843-800-2928 for a free phone consultation. Do it now.

Alternatively, you can use the calendar tool below to schedule your free phone consultation for a time that is convenient for you.

Many people prefer to speak face to face. And, we can make that happen without jeopardizing your health. After I receive your consultation request, I will send you an invitation to speak by video conference. Please don’t feel that you’re obligated to use the video option. However, if you would like to try it, we’ll make it happen.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. Working together, we can help you build a better life.