Dad Called “Unfit Parent” for Refusing to Give Son McDonald’s

Father and son | Divorce Attorney | Charleston, SCThose of us who have young children know that they can be stubborn, irrational, and prone to tantrums. (There’s a reason why toddlers are said to go through the “terrible twos.”) During this period, discipline can be difficult; yet it’s necessary if you don’t want your children to turn into irresponsible adults.

Everyone has different ideas regarding what constitutes proper discipline: some think that corporal punishment is acceptable, while others prefer to stick with time-outs. But whatever your personal thoughts on discipline, you likely wouldn’t bat an eye at one father’s refusal to let his son eat at McDonald’s. It’s well known that the fast food chain isn’t very healthy, and choosing not to eat there doesn’t seem unreasonable!

Shockingly, however, the man’s refusal has prompted a psychologist to brand him an “unfit” parent, according to his defamation lawsuit.

The man, New York attorney David E. Schorr, is currently going through a particularly bitter divorce. According to the Huffington Post, Schorr has custody of his son on alternate weekends as well as dinner every Tuesday.

It was during one such Tuesday that Schorr’s son demanded McDonald’s. Schorr felt that his son had been eating too much junk food, so he refused. When his son threw a tantrum, Schorr offered an ultimatum: the pair could eat anywhere but McDonald’s, or they could eat nowhere at all.

The child, stubborn as a mule, chose the second option, and Schorr then returned with him to the home of the boy’s mother. Soon after, Schorr says, the court-appointed psychologist for the divorce told the judge that the incident “raises concerns about the viability” of the father’s visits with his son. She suggested that his weekend visits be restricted or eliminated.

In response, Schorr has filed a defamation lawsuit against the psychologist.

“I think it was a 1950s equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner. That’s maybe the worst thing I can say about it. I wish I had taken him to McDonald’s, but you get nervous about rewarding bad behavior,” said Schorr.

Clearly, Schorr is regretting his decision not to take his son to McDonald’s. This decision could affect the court’s determination of child custody, thereby affecting the amount of time he gets to spend with his son for years to come.

This case is a perfect example of what can go wrong when negotiating child custody arrangements during a divorce. If you have children and are considering a divorce, make sure to talk with an experienced Charleston divorce attorney about your options for child custody.