How to Plan for Your Divorce in Charleston

Getting ready for a divorce in Charleston can be a complicated and confusing process. You might not be sure about the specific steps you need to take in advance, or how far in advance you need to begin planning for a divorce. For example, do you need to start planning a week or two before you actually file for divorce, or do you need more time to get ready for your divorce before you actually file? Our Charleston divorce lawyers have some information that can help you as you think ahead to filing for divorce in South Carolina.

Get All of the Documents You Need

You should gather all of the documentation that will be important for your divorce now, especially if your ex might try to prevent you from having access to certain materials once you file for divorce. Important materials include bank statements, W-2s and 1099s, bank account statements, paystubs, mortgage documents, vehicle loan statements, and any other related documents. You should also gather information about any debts you or your spouse have, including credit card statements, for example. In short, any financial materials that pertain to assets or debts are important to have.

Consider the Possibility of Hidden or Concealed Assets

If you cannot find information about an asset that you believe you or your spouse had at one time, it is important to consider the possibility that your spouse may be trying to hide or conceal assets. Under South Carolina law, all marital assets and debts will be distributed according to equitable distribution, and your ex could be trying to avoid having an asset distributed. A divorce lawyer can talk with you about options for locating hidden assets, including working with a forensic accountant.

Understand Child Custody Laws in South Carolina

If you have minor children from your marriage, it is important to learn more about how child custody laws work in the state and how the best interests of the child factors are likely to apply to your case.

Consider Support Issues

Whether you are thinking about alimony or spousal support, or children from your marriage and child support, it is important to understand how South Carolina courts make decisions about support in divorce cases so that you will be prepared.

Identify Ways to Resolve Existing Disputes

A divorce in the Charleston area can be quicker and less expensive if you are able to have an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses have come to an agreement about every issue in the divorce, and there are no more remaining disputes. Differently, with a contested divorce, one or more issues remains in dispute, and it is necessary for a court to hear from both sides in order to resolve the dispute or disputes. You may be able to move from what would be a contested divorce to an uncontested divorce. Options such as divorce mediation can be ways to resolve disputes without litigation. A divorce lawyer in Charleston can say more after learning details about your case.

Contact a Charleston Divorce Lawyer

The process of planning for a divorce and actually getting divorced can be complicated. One of our experienced Charleston divorce attorneys can assist you and can answer any questions you have. Contact The Peck Law Firm online or call us at 843-631-7117 for more information.

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