Realistic Fears that Keep Women in Bad Marriages

Fear should never be the reason you stay. The following includes very realistic fears that keep some women in bad marriages. A skilled attorney can help you understand what to expect and how to mitigate these throughout each step of the process.

Divorce Will Hurt the Kids

If your first thought is about how the divorce will hurt your children, that is completely natural. There is no getting around the fact that divorce is hard on the kids. Still, it can be more harmful for them to remain in an unhappy home with constant arguing. Also, divorce can teach children important lessons they will take with them throughout their life, such as resilience.

You Cannot Financially Support Yourself

You do have to be able to support yourself and your children after divorce. If you are not currently working, now is the time to start looking for a job. If you do not make enough to support all of you, it is time to find a better job or ask for that raise or promotion. Not being able to financially support yourself is a real concern, but it is one that you can overcome.

You Will Not Receive Child or Spousal Support

If you are awarded child custody, your spouse will likely be ordered to pay child support. If you cannot afford to support yourself during or after the divorce, a judge may also order your spouse to pay spousal support. There is always the chance that your spouse will refuse to make these payments. If they do, you can petition the court to enforce the order. A judge will order a wage garnishment against your spouse, or they will use another manner so you can obtain the payments you are entitled to.

You Will Lose Your Husband’s Health Care and Other Benefits

Health care is a huge expense for many people. Even if you are healthy today, you do not want to lose the benefits you need in case you become sick in the future. Fortunately, the judge in your case will likely order your husband to continue providing healthcare until you have your own coverage, or until you are able to receive COBRA coverage.

You Will Lose the Family Home

There is no guarantee that you will get to keep the family home, as it will be part of property division hearings. Still, keep in mind that it is better for you and your kids to live happily in a smaller apartment than to be miserable in a larger space.

You Will Be Alone

The fear of being alone is a very real one, particularly if you have been married for a long time. It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone. You can always turn to friends and family members for support. Also, being alone after divorce is not necessarily a bad thing. It may give you time to consider what you want out of life, and then to develop a plan so you can go after it.

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