Social Media and Your Marriage

It does not seem that long ago that social media was considered a novel trend for young people to interact online. Today, around 72 percent of South Carolina adults use some type of social platform according to the Pew Research Center, and Facebook and YouTube lead the pack. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn round out the top used social media sites. From this list, you can see that people are attracted to these platforms for various reasons. They want to connect with others, consume news content, share favorite posts, and entertain themselves.

Still, the social media activities intended for online interactions can also affect your marriage in the real world. When a spouse dedicates more time to their community, there is less to spend with the other partner. This point does not mean divorce is around the corner, but it should convince couples to be mindful. A Charleston divorce attorney is a valuable resource if things have become strained, and some information about the impacts of social media is helpful.

How Social Media Affects Marital Strain

These platforms help users establish, cultivate, and nurture connections among online communities, but they can have the opposite effect among users who share in-person relationships. Consider the following points:

  • There are multiple types of content you can post or engage with on social media, including photos, videos, memes, and many others. Spouses can harbor resentment and jealousy when their significant other interacts with these posts.
  • Most social media users are connected to their own family members and friends, leading their spouses to also become friends. One spouse may feel left out by these connections.
  • These platforms enable users to tag and check in others, possibly revealing misconduct by a spouse. Despite high level privacy settings, it is possible for a spouse to view these actions.

There are plenty of positives about social media and your marriage as well. Family pictures and videos of your vacation together are reminders that often bring couples closer together.

Social Media Tips for Married Spouses

Understanding how social media affects marriage is a good start for ensuring that it does not impact your relationship. As always, open communication, honesty, and dedication are also important factors. Still, there are some specific recommendations if you sense that social media is encroaching upon your marriage:

  • There are apps that enable you to compile all social media profiles and their respective activities into one feed. You save time that is better spent with your spouse.
  • You might want to delete all social media accounts that you do not use or limit yourself to checking them once a month.
  • Do not keep social media secrets. As with other covert acts, there can be consequences if a spouse finds out.

Trust a Charleston Divorce Attorney to Advise You

If your spouse’s social media activities and relationships are interfering with your marriage, it may be time to get more information about divorce laws. Our team at the Peck Law Firm can explain details, so please call (843) 631-7117 or visit our website to schedule a consultation with a skilled South Carolina divorce lawyer.

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