South Carolina Aquarium a Key Player in Local Conservation

Charleston sea turtle - The Peck Law FirmAs a proud member of the Charleston and Mount Pleasant communities, I often feel the need to give credit to important local foundations and activists.

In our area, the South Carolina Aquarium is a key player in the fight to conserve the local marine ecosystem.

We all know the South Carolina Aquarium as a great place to spend the afternoon with family and friends, see exciting marine creatures, and educate ourselves on the life beyond our beaches; however, the South Carolina Aquarium also has a lot to offer our community behind the scenes, including some of these critical conservation and research programs:

Sea Turtle Rescue

The sea turtle is a threatened and endangered species. To help ensure that sea turtles have a future in our oceans, the South Carolina Aquarium uses its facilities to aid sick and injured sea turtles. When an unhealthy sea turtle is found along the coast, it is brought to Aquarium’s Turtle Hospital by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Designed to promote the use of local and sustainable seafood in South Carolina’s restaurants, the Sustainable Seafood Initiative helps ensure that consumers have fish for the future by teaching chefs about sustainable local seafood, assessing their menus, and encouraging consumers to dine at responsible restaurants. The program aims to balance the needs of the environment with the world population’s need for seafood.

Conservation Efforts

The Aquarium’s initiatives help protect South Carolina’s waterways and coastline through freshwater, marine, and coastal programs. The Aquarium helps conserve natural resources and promotes environmental responsibility through green business practices.

As you can see, the South Carolina Aquarium plays a critical role in the conservation of our marine ecosystems in South Carolina and around the world. I am glad that this important organization calls Charleston home, and I hope that you take the time to visit and support an organization that gives so much back to South Carolina residents.