Top Reasons to Get Divorced

When you are considering divorce in Charleston, it can be extremely difficult to know if you should take the next steps toward filing. For example, should you talk to a lawyer about your case? Should you begin gathering documents and materials that you would need to file for divorce? Should you tell your family members or friends that you are thinking about the possibility of divorce? Knowing when to take the practical steps toward filing can be tough, and everyone has a different experience. Generally speaking, however, there are some common reasons that people decide to move forward with their divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys in Charleston can say more.

Financial Problems That Are Not Getting Better

Are you and your spouse having serious financial problems, and are they largely due to your spouse’s inability to hold down a job or to manage money? If financial problems are causing damage to your marriage and they do not seem likely to improve, divorce is an option you should consider.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a leading cause of divorce in South Carolina and throughout the country. One of the grounds for divorce listed in South Carolina law is “physical cruelty,” which can include domestic abuse.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse frequently causes serious problems in a marriage, and it can affect everyone in the family. South Carolina law identifies “habitual drunkenness” as one of the grounds for divorce that you can cite when you file.


Cheating is one of the most common reasons that anyone decides to get divorced. “Adultery” is listed as the number one ground for divorce under South Carolina law, and it is among the top reasons that you should consider talking to an attorney about a divorce in Charleston.

Constant Conflict

Couples who fight all the time and experience constant conflict may have problems in their marriage that simply cannot be resolved. It is important to know that South Carolina law does have a “no fault” ground for divorce, which says spouses can get divorced if they have lived separate and apart for at least one year.

Growing Apart

Sometimes married couples simply grow apart. You might realize that you and your spouse have very different priorities from one another, and you now want really different experiences out of life. If your goals have shifted significantly and it feels like it may be time to separate, you should talk to a lawyer about using the “no fault” ground for divorce based on living separate and apart from your spouse for a year or longer.

Contact Our Charleston Divorce Lawyers

Anyone who is considering a divorce should get in touch with an experienced Charleston divorce lawyer as soon as possible to discuss their case. It is important to take steps to plan ahead for your divorce, and our firm is here to help. Whether you are trying to decide whether divorce is the right option for you, or you feel like you are ready to file, we can provide you with the information and counsel you need. Contact The Peck Law Firm online or call our firm today at 843-631-7117 for assistance with your Charleston divorce.

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