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Experienced Charleston, SC Alimony Attorney Kenneth Peck Of The Peck Law Firm

You’ve supported your spouse throughout your marriage. You may have taken time off or left your career entirely to raise your children. You may have supported a new career path for your spouse, both financially and emotionally. And now, after your divorce, you face the possibility that your financial future will be ruined.

Your family budget has been based on two adults sharing life’s expenses, from mortgages to car payments. On your own, how will you support yourself and your children? You’re worried–and with good cause.

Whether you pay or receive alimony can have a drastic impact on your finances. If you don’t receive alimony, how will you make ends meet? What will you do if you have to pay alimony – and you are already barely scraping by?

Judges in South Carolina have broad discretion when deciding whether or not to award alimony–as well as how much. Choosing the wrong attorney could cost you thousands over your lifetime. That is why it is so important to work with an attorney who has extensive experience and knowledge in South Carolina alimony law.

The Peck Law Firm, Charleston Alimony, South Carolina Divorce Attorney

I understand your concerns about the financial changes your divorce will bring. Using more than 30 years of experience in family law, I will help you through this difficult, trying time. Before I begin any work, I listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We talk about what you want to happen, based on your unique needs. I will serve as your advocate, protecting your financial security.

Please give me a call or schedule an appointment. You’ll speak with me personally, and we’ll discuss how, together, we can achieve the financial future that you deserve.

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