Can I Minimize How My Children Are Affected By Divorce?

Divorce can have a profound impact on your child, regardless of age.

Many Charleston parents wonder if it’s best to wait until a child reaches a certain age before getting divorced.

There is no universal answer to this, as divorce will always have an impact on children. Instead, if divorce is in your future, it is better to prepare a plan for how to help your children cope.

The impacts of divorce will vary by age.

mother and children in Charleston

Babies can feel tension between you and your spouse – and may become more irritable. Toddlers will sense a difference in the home and may have temper tantrums. Preschoolers may feel helpless and start acting out. School-aged children often take on the burden of trying to fix their parents’ marriage. Teenagers will become angry. Even adult children may feel a sense of betrayal.

Divorce is hard on all kids.

As a parent, you want to make things easier for them.

How can you do that? How can you balance your own emotions with theirs? What steps can you take to help them cope? How can you protect your children in the day-to-day? How can you make sure they are not affected long-term?

The best thing you can do for your children during a divorce is to keep them from the intimate details of the divorce and focus on reassuring them that divorce doesn’t mean they are losing their relationship with you.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak to your children about your divorce. You will have to explain some details to them, including any custody arrangements. Still, keep conversations about the split to a minimum. And always, always keep your own emotions out of it.

You may feel resentful towards your spouse. But, remember they are still your child’s parent.

You may think your spouse treated you unfairly. Remember that has nothing to do with how they parent your kids.

Always treat your spouse respectfully. If not for you, then for the sake of your children. And never, ever bad mouth your spouse in front of the kids.

Talking badly about your spouse will hurt your relationship with your kids. It will also have legal consequences.

You must show at all times that you only have your child’s best interests at heart. You must show that you only want to love and support them. If you do not, you may lose them. Our South Carolina divorce lawyers know what a difficult time this is. We can advise on the steps to take now to help your entire family.

Your job is to protect your children throughout the divorce process. At The Peck Law Firm, our job is to protect you. Our South Carolina family lawyers know the important steps you have to take right now. We will help you through every one of them. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys.

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