How to Explain to Your Child Where They Will Live After a Divorce

Your children will want to know how your divorce will affect their living situation. It is important to anticipate their questions and to have answers prepared. The following are some questions you might expect to get from your kids.

Am I Going to Have to Move?

Your kids are going to want to know if they will have to move. It is extremely important to be honest about this. In many divorces, one of the spouses will keep the home and the other will move into a new place. Yet in some divorces, the spouses will sell the family home and both will move into new places. While you probably will not want to give your kids a detailed explanation of why selling the house might be necessary, it is important to let them know if this will happen. Otherwise, you can explain that they will live part of the time in the home they are used to, and part of the time in a new place with the other parent.

Where Are You Going to Live?

Children often want to know where one of their parents will be living when that parent moves out because of divorce. If you already have a new address, you can give your kids the details. You might even be able to take them to the new place to show it to them. If you have not yet found a place, you might consider involving your kids in the house or apartment hunt.

Will I Get My Own Room in Both Places?

If your children each have their own bedroom now, they are going to want to know if they will get their own rooms in a new place. Often, divorce requires both spouses to downsize and to find a less expensive living option. As such, kids might have to share a bedroom. While it can be difficult to break this news to your kids, it is better to be honest up front.

Can I Decide Where to Live?

Your child might want to know if they will get a say in where to live after a divorce. They might want to have a say in which parent they will live with, or a say in choosing a new home or apartment. If your kid wants to have a say in which parent to live with, you can explain that the court may consider their desires. South Carolina law says courts should consider a child’s preference if the child is mature enough and old enough to voice an independent perspective. If your child wants a say in choosing the new house or apartment, you may want to consider bringing your child along to showings, or explaining why this is not possible.

What If I Do Not Want to Move Between Houses?

In many divorces, your child might not want to move. It can be a difficult and emotional conversation to have, but you should be honest. Your child cannot keep things the way they were before the divorce.

Am I Going to Have to Change Schools Because of Where I Will Live?

If your child will have to change schools, it is important to be clear about this up front.

Contact a South Carolina Divorce Attorney

Kids are going to have questions about their living arrangements after a divorce, and it is important to be honest with them. It is also important to answer their questions as honestly as you can. The South Carolina divorce attorneys at The Peck Law Firm can help you to plan for this discussion with your child. We can also help you to understand how child custody will work in your divorce, and to advocate for your parental rights. Contact our firm online or call us today at (843) 631-7117.

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