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What Is Family Law Court?

The South Carolina legislature created family law courts to handle all court cases that involve domestic or family relationships. There is a family law court in each of South Carolina’s counties. Your family law judge will make decisions and enter orders on the following types of cases: – All aspects of divorce, including alimony, attorney’s...

How to Change Your Last Name in a Divorce

Divorce is certainly a tough time for all of the parties involved, and there are many decisions that must be made throughout the process. One of the more frequently asked questions in my South Carolina divorce law practice comes from women. They typically ask me: “How can I change my last name?” Perhaps, you have...

The Basics of Divorce, Part 2

Under what “grounds” can you file for a South Carolina divorce? “Grounds” for divorce are essentially the legal reason that you are filing for divorce. In South Carolina, you can file under “fault-based” or “no-fault” grounds: Adultery (fault) Desertion (fault)

The Basics of Divorce, Part 1

When getting a divorce, most — if not all — people have a lot of questions. If you are considering or starting a divorce, this is a worrisome, difficult time. The future is uncertain, and you likely aren’t sure what to expect from the process. Below, I outline some of the basics of divorce in...