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Happy Holidays? How to Spend Time with Your Ex This Season

When you’re divorced, the holiday season can be more stressful and complicated, especially if you have kids. Will you go to a holiday party if your ex-spouse will be there? Will you and your ex-spouse celebrate together with your kids, or will you have separate celebrations? How will you divide your time with the children? …

What Happens to Military Retirement Pay in a South Carolina Divorce?

We are fortunate in the Low Country to have so many patriotic Americans serving our Country in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. As the son of a retired Air Force officer, I understand many of the challenges that military life places on a marriage. Unfortunately, some of those marriages end in …

The Basics of Divorce, Part 2

Under what “grounds” can you file for a South Carolina divorce? “Grounds” for divorce are essentially the legal reason that you are filing for divorce. In South Carolina, you can file under “fault-based” or “no-fault” grounds: Adultery (fault) Desertion (fault)